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Education in Annandale

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Annandale North Public School

group of school children Annandale North Public School Dated: c. 31/12/1911 downloaded from Flickr State Records Digital ID 15051_a047_000157

John Cann, on duty in the reading room on 15 January 2014, at State Records New South Wales pointed out this 1 Jan 1911 ~ 31 Dec 1926 series of photographs of students of North Annandale Public School. 15 class photographs from the collection have been digitised.

A century of reflection : Annandale North Public School, 1907-2007 / by Mary Haire Haire, Marian [ Book : 2007] Leichhardt Libraries

Stonework make safe record & repair recommendations : North Annandale Public School, 198-212 Johnston Street Annandale / prepared by Heritage Design Services, Dept. of Public Works & Services New South Wales. Government Architect's Office. Heritage Design Services [ Article : 1999]

What was here before our school? : a short history of the people and land before Annandale North Public School was built in 1907 / by Sarah Biggins-Gilchrist ...[et al.] Biggins-Gilchrist, Sarah [ Book : 2007]


As the outcome of a largely signed petition from the residents of Annandale and the vicinity, presented by Mr I R Cohen to the Annandale Council, a public meeting, convened by the council, was held on Tuesday night in (the local Town Hall Alderman Taylor, the Mayor, occupied the chair - 1900 'PUBLIC SCHOOL FOR NORTH ANNANDALE.', The Sydney Morning Herald (NSW : 1842-1954), 10 May, p. 4, viewed 12 April, 2011,

1905: Work due to begin

"The department is about to erect a new school-house at Annandale North. The site is in Johnston street. The building will be a three-storied one, to accommodate 1500 children. The estimated cost of this building when completed will be about £10,000." - 1905 'BUILDINGS AND WORKS.', The Sydney Morning Herald (NSW : 1842 - 1954), 21 November, p. 4, viewed 9 December, 2013,

1907: Owen Ridge builds the school

Ridge Family

Owen Ridge built the Nth Annandale Public School, the Pyrmont Power Station chimney, the Kent Street Substation & houses around Annandale & Leichhardt...Laying of Naval Store Foundation Stone. Garden Island, 1888

two story house painted maroon with white trimmingsAnne Lyon's memories of North Annandale Public School (as it was known then).

Anne recalls walking to Annandale North Public School from Percival Street Lilyfield from 1950 to 1956. Her trip would take her down the hill and up the hill along Piper Street. Her mother would keep an eye on her daughter from the corner of Percival Street. There were a four corner shops along Piper St. One at Percival, a butcher's shop at Edna Street and two more corner stores at Young Street and Johnston Street. There was a fish and chips shop at 211 Johnston St (now The Toucan Shop)

At the bottom of the hill on the western bank of White's Creek and the northern side of Piper Street, there was a plywood factory. Anne recalls fireengines from Leichhardt heading for the Plywood Factory on White's Creek, though she doesn't remember any fires.

On Mondays Anne would order her lunch from the corner store on Johnston Street. At lunchtime, their indiviual orders labelled Brown paper bags would be delivered on a tray. On other days, brought her lunch from home, but on Mondays her mother couldn't get fresh bread the day before. Perhaps the Bakeo did his rounds later in the day. There were horses still around an Anne remembers the street sweeper, who would whistle to his horse. There is still a Bills horse trough in front of the school.

Anne recalls the headmaster's white house between the corner shop and the school on Johnston Street. One headmaster of the headmasters was Mr Crittenden who was catholic and sent his kids to St Brendans. Anne remembered young Patrick Crittenden watching the school kids in the playground from the gate between the headmaster's house and the school.

plan of school groundsThere were two WW2 Air Raid shelters in the playground. For play lunch the kids would head over to a little room attached to one of the shelters to get their milk.

In the school hallway there was a large cabinet on which the jaw of a shark was displayed.

Anne also remembers that kids were not restricted to the school grounds during the breaks and the kids would wander over to the park. There was a lunchtime school patrol of senior girls equipped with flags to control the traffic to enable the kids to get safely across the road.

If it was raining the kids would be kept inside and the teachers would entertain them. In the playground they played What's the time Mr Wolf and King Ball. Sports included Swimming and Tennis. Anne's mother was a Tennis player and would take the kids to courts in Young Street, where she gave them lessons.

Anne also recalls attending Sunday School at the Hunter Baillie Church. On Anniversary day seating was setup around the pulpit for the Sunday School kids.

On Empire Day there would be bonfires in Stuart Park (on the southern side of Piper Street at White's Creek) and War Memorial Park on the corner of Catherine and Moore Streets.

Anne also remembers a shopping trip to Grace Brothers at Broadway (Bay Street Glebe). In those days the trams ran in the middle of the road. As soon as her mother had lifted tiny Anne onto the Tram it took off before her mother could follow her daughter on board. Understandable distressed her mother had to run after the tram, which eventually stopped.

Anne also remembers her mum giving her and other children from the school for tennis lessons. The tennis courts were around 357 Young Street.

Annandale North Public School (ANPS) 2012 Fete
Fete to raise funds for the school

2-8pm Saturday 15 September 2012
man and two women two women in red two women people at fete with 1907 school in background With an Adventures in Wonderland theme, the fete will feature Mad Hatters Tea Party, the inaugural Sydney Cupcake Competition, prizes for best costumes and also local celebrities including Craig Recaussel, Robbie Buck and Ian Moss. There will be amusement rides, food and live entertainment for the whole family....more

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