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1939-1945 - World War II

Trams and Buses

Electricity Substation 60 Facade in construction site

Facade of Electricity Substation 260 - 7th May 2009

Walter worked for Sydney County Council, who was responsible for electricity in Sydney. He recalls a time, when he was at the picture house and the movie was interrupted for an announcement that his services were required. So, he hopped on the Tram and headed into the city to get the electricity working again. - ANZAC Day 2009

"It is now 50 years since mass tram services operated in the inner-west. Trams operated in the inner-west between 1882 and 1958 and were originally driven by steam power. From the early 1900s as Sydney's electricity supply expanded, trams were converted to electric operation [with Electricity from the White Bay Powerstation]. Sydney's tramway system developed into the largest in the British Commonwealth outside of London and supplied transport to the growing suburbs." - 'Red Lines' trams. November 20, 2008 by localnotes

The Sydney Tramway Museum provides a nostalgic and educational insight into the lifestyle of Sydneysiders during the 100 year period of tramway operation from 1861 to 1961, with running and restoration works-in-progress, exhibits and photos depicting the development and operation of tramways during this period." -

Footage of Trams in Sydney

370 Bus Route Established

update: A weekend 370 bus service from Annandale to Coogee Beach was introduced in the 1940s. Buses ran every 20 minutes via Newtown and St Peter's Station to Beach Street, Coogee. The full fare was 8d (shillings) and child fare was capped at 3d.-1940 'NEW BUS SERVICE.', The Sydney Morning Herald (NSW : 1842 - 1954), 26 January, p. 12. , viewed 08 Jun 2021,

Annandale-Coogee Beach.
The Commissioner for Road Transport, Mr. Neale, announced last night that from next Monday a bus service will be run between Annandale and Coogee Beach on Sundays and holidays...." [broken original link]The Sydney Morning Herald Friday 26 January 1940 [updated link (]

World War II

In 1942, Betty joined the RAAF working in the Suppliers unit in Waterloo. In 1946, Alan was appointed the Managing Director of a clothing factory in Goulbourn and they lived there for ten years.

Memories courtesy of Jean, Betty & Nancye

St Aidan's Church

Rev Harry Norman Powys, rector of St. Stephen's, Penrith to move to St. Aidan's, Annandale (includes cv and photo)- 1932 'THE CHURCHES.', The Sydney Morning Herald (NSW : 1842 - 1954), 16 July, p. 7, viewed 25 February, 2013,

bride and groomTorpedo man William John Richardson and Muriel McGlynn in St Aidan's Church, Annandale, on their wedding day 13 April 1946 (AWM P03246.001).

Picture Australia has many images of [Australian ex prisoners-of-war going home] ...Robert Lowe (Annandale)..(1945).

Beale Piano Factory used to build Mosquito Bombers

DH-98 Mosquito Bomber aircraft A52-50

The Beale piano factory was closed during World War II. According to John who phoned into 2BL Brekky on 30/9/2005, it was taken over by De Havilland Australia to manufacture Mosquito Fuselages. More about molded plywood Mosquito Bombers.

Information provided by the de Havilland company during research into the Memorial's Mosquito aircraft indicates that the Annandale factory of Beale and Company Ltd. was 'taken over' by de Havilland Co. for the construction of Mosquito Fuselages.

The Mosquito was a British-designed twin-engine aircraft with a crew of two, made almost completely of wood. Versions manufactured in Australia included fighter-bomber, reconnaissance and trainer models. A total of 212 were produced for use by the Royal Australian Air Force, and a small number were sent to New Zealand post-war.

The finished fuselage sections were transported to Bankstown to be used in the final assembly of the these machines. I understand that all the fuselages were made at Beale's, which gives some indication of the scale of the effort. - John White, Senior Curator, Australian War Memorial.

Plane on Way to Factory

There is a plane on a truck in front of the Goodman Buildings at the corner of Johnston and Parramatta Roads Annandale in this photograph. The plane has a riveted metal Air Craft Fuselage . The plane is being transported north into Johnston Street. The Goodman buildings and houses on the Western side of Johnston Street are clearly visible as is the Empire building in the foreground. Men are working from a platform on the back of a truck in Parramatta Road.

Is it a DC-3?

Tom writes, "Not a Mosquito. Looks like a Douglas DC-3 airliner, or the military C-47 Dakota version. These are made of riveted aluminium, so there would be no reason to build them in a piano factory"

Or a "Fairey Battle"?

"On 10 May 1940, Flying Officer Garland, in Battle P2204, was awarded the first RAF Victoria Cross of World War II. During 1940, Battles were withdrawn from operations, and many were shipped to Canada and Australia as training aircraft...All metal stressed-skin construction." - A22 Fairey Battle, RAAF Museum, Point Cook, viewed 5 March 2015

During WW2, 60 women cleaned and repaired "Fairy Battle" aircraft from England, in a hangar. Some of the aircraft had blood on them and last messages scrawled inside. - p120 Bread and Roses : A Persona history of three militant women and their friends, 1902-1988/Audrey Johnson (SLNSW 320.5310922/1)

Air Raid Shelters

One authority declared that, even if sufficient building mate- rials and labour were available, it would take 12 months to fulfil the requirements of the shelter code.... The code, which was issued at the weekend, defines the type of shelter* which must be provided in all buildings where more than 30 persons work or live...Thousands of copies of the code have been distributed. The area to which the code is applicable has been extended to include Annandale. Glebe, and Newtown." - The Sydney Morning Herald Tuesday 16 December 1941 page 9

A number of Air Raid shelters were erected in Annandale. Members of the Seniors group at the Annandale Neighbourhood Centre, recall shelters at the end of Johnston street (possibly part of the TAFE) and in the grounds of the North Annandale Public school. A student at the Annandale Public School recalls the demolition of their Shelter and a Nissen Hut, at the end of Wisdom Street, may one day become the permanent home of the Rozelle Bay Community Native Nursery [14 September 2010].

Grave Shortages in all building materials were hampering the State housing programme, and building trades generally were in a distressing condition. The Minister for Housing, Mr McGirr, said in a statement issued yesterday.....Mr McGirr's statement was made in reply to questions asked by Mr Gormon (Lab, Annandale)...Building activity in New South Wales outstripped supplies, he said. - The Sydney Morning Herald Wednesday 31 October 1945 Page 4

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