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Annandale Streetscape - Tom Worthington

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Hakea pod Eco-AnnandaleConversations in the Cottage

Eco-Annandale 2015@Footprints

Eco-Annandale Exhibitions


Footprints Annual EcoFestival

Sunday 21 August 2016 more..

Community Gathers at Whites Creek Wetlands, to inspect Storm Effects, World Environment Day, Saturday June 5, 2010 see video

Annandale Heritage Festival (April/May)

2016 Program

Sketch by Annandale Heritage Festival 2016Merrick Fry

Anecdotal History of Annandale

Five Women working on their craft ProjectAnnandale Craft Group

Friday mornings more

Churches, Wats, Zendo

Saint Brendan's Catholic Church

Annandale Uniting Church

Hunter Baillie Presbyterian Church

Holy Family Convent (Annandale, NSW)

Annandale Community (Anglican) Church

Sydney Zen Centre, City Zendo

วัดพุทธรังษี แอนนันเดล | Wat BuddharangseeBuddhist monks, visit by Thai PM to Wat Buddharangsee and Facebook: วัดพุทธรังษี แอนนันเดล | Wat Buddharangsee

Community Campaigns

Save Annandale Village

Reclaim the Night


Rozelle Bay Community Native Nursery

Parks and Sporting Grounds

Federal Park Playground

Mother and Child - Photo MarghanitaPaths and Verges

LMC - Small and Pocket Parks Annandale

Cohen Park, Hudson St, Tennis Courts

Bicycle Users Group (LBUG)Bike Day - Photo Tom Worthington

Council Bicycle Strategy

classical pale green building, with footpath and eucalyptAnnandale Neighbourhood/Community Centre

Yoga, Painting, Craft Group...more

Annandale Creative Arts Centre

Dance and Ballet...more

Creative Arts at former Methodist Church

Yoga, TaiChi, Pilates

Yoga at Neighbourhood Centre

Yoga in Daily Life

Pilates & Tai Chi at Hunter Baillie

Childcare, Schools & Classes

Annandale Neighbourhood Centre Playgroups and Occassional Care

Annandale Child Care Centre

Out of School Care: Annandale Public School, Annandale North Public School and St Brendan’s

Annandale Neighbourhood Centre Program

Annandale Public School

Annandale North Public School

Saint Brendan's Catholic School

Petersham TAFE Annandale Campus

Self Guided Illustrated Historical Walks

Each book in this series is a self guided historical walk through Annandale. Each walk explores the people and construction of Annandale. Each book covers two decades of Annandales History a hundred years apart. The first book in the series, 1890s Annandale: A Short Walk, covers the 1790s and 1890s...more.

1890s Annandale A Short Walk second edition Marghanita da Cruz with line drawing of Church with steeple Federation Annandale A Short Walk Marghanita da Cruz Annandale's Great War: A Short Walk Second Edition by Marghanita da Cruz with Annandale Viaduct and Soldiers 1920s Annandale A Short Walk  Marghanita da Cruz with line drawing of 1920s Flats 1930s Annandale: A Short Walk by Marghanita da Cruz with line drawing of an Art Deco Pub 1940s Annandale A Short Walk  Marghanita da Cruz with photograph of street with aircraft being towed. 50s Annandale A Short Walk,  Marghanita da Cruz