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Contact: Marghanita da Cruz
E-mail: marghanita@ramin.com.au
Telephone: (+61) 0414 869 202
Post: PO Box 341 Annandale NSW Australia 2038
Website: ramin.com.au

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four paperbacksPaperbacks & eBooks telling stories of 1890s Annandale, Federation Annandale and Annandale's Great War.

Who we are

Marghanita da Cruz established Ramin Communications in 1996, to provide Information and Communication Technology Services. The focus has always been Internet and World Wide Web, contracting to Government, Education and the Private Sector. In 1998, Ramin Communications established the internet presence for the New Theatre and Annandale.

Ramin Communications' Principal Consultant, Marghanita da Cruz, provided leadership in the drafting of the Australian Standard for Corporate Governance of ICT and its subsequent adoption as an international standard. Marghanita ran workshops around Australia to socialise the standard. In 2006, Marghanita contributed a Chapter on the new standard to Frameworks for IT Management, published in the Netherlands and later translated into Dutch, Japanese, German and Mandarin.

Ramin Communications has also been active in the Open Data and Open Source Software, Linux and Video on a Laptop communities.

Between 2009 to 2013, Ramin Communications supported Eco-Annandale Exhibitions. Ramin Communications continues to publish Annandale on the Web and Eco-Sydney and supports the Annandale Heritage Festival.

Ramin Communications was registered as a Business Name in NSW in 10 December 1996.

Ramin Communications Pty Ltd was registered under the Corporations Law of New South Wales on 27th September 1999.

ACN: 089 713 084
ABN: 027 089 713 084

Principal Consultant and Director: Marghanita da Cruz

Meaning of Ramin

The word "ramin" in Ramin Communications is derived from an Australian Aboriginal word meaning to tell or inform.

Other meanings of similar words include:

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