photograph of Marghanita da Cruz

Marghanita da Cruz

ICT Consultant, Author & Director
Ramin Communications Pty Ltd, Sydney

Telephone: (+61)0414-869-202
Post: PO Box 341 Annandale NSW 2038 Australia

Information and Communication Technology (ICT) Consultancy Services

Governance, E-Waste, E-Books, Print on Demand, Posters, Historical Research, Open Data, Curating Exhibitions including online catalogs


Online Community Engagement

woman with four books At Home with Author Marghanita da Cruz (C!ao Magazine, November 2014)

speaker dressed in black at a PodiumVideo clip Marghanita da Cruz speaking about Local Online Community Engagement, Canberra June 2009

At Bar Camp Canberra 2010: From Gavin Tapp's Photographs on speaker dressed in black at a PodiumFlickr

Summary of ICT Roles


Exhibitions & Conversations (Curation & Online Promotion/Catalogs)

Associations, Education & Training