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People and Billboards on pavement outside school 7 people - 3 women and 4 men, some with microphones Keep Verity Labor WWW.KEEPVERITY.COMVote 1 Jamie Parker The GreensJames Falk
Liberal for Balmain
2011 NSW Election Poster Photo Marghanita da CruzVote 1 Nicholas Folkes Independent Balmain (
Registered officer Australian Protectionist Party) yellow background sub-title and flag Poster, booth street, on bridge over Whites Creek, Annandale
Photo Marghanita da Cruz 21 March 2011

2011 NSW State General Election

Australian Parliamentary Library wrap up of 2011 NSW Election (Extracts about Balmain Candidates)

"...On 28 January 2011, the husband of Education Minister Verity Firth, Matthew Chesher, was charged with drug possession. Chesher was also chief of staff to Roads Minister David Borger.50.."

"..49. ABC Radio, The World Today, 27 January 2011, viewed 11 April 2011, 50. ‘Keneally backs Firth after husband’s drug charge’, ABC News, 30 January 2011, viewed 11 April 2011, 51. K Keneally, Press Club Address, 11 February 2011, viewed 9 March 2011,..."

"...Notwithstanding that the Greens claimed to have increased their 2007 vote by 2 per cent,129 several commentators regarded the election outcome as a disappointment for the Greens.130 In the event, the Greens secured their first ever seat in the Legislative Assembly, with Jamie Parker ousting the sitting Labor member and frontbencher Verity Firth in the seat of Balmain. Firth in fact came third in the ballot after the distribution of preferences.131 However, there were reports post-election of dissatisfaction among Greens MPs with the party's electoral performance..."

"Table 3: ALP ministers who contested and lost their seats in 2011..Minister Portfolios Seat lost (to) Verity Firth Education and Training Balmain (GRN)"

".. Appendix 1: NSW Election results 2011 - NSW Election 2011 Legislative Assembly outcomes by electorate - Division Party Previous Member Party 2011 Elected Member Comparative - Outcome by Party - Balmain ALP Verity Firth GREENS Jamie Parker GREENS gain/ALP"

"..Rees government - Inaugural Ministry September 2008 - Nathan Rees (Premier) Carmel Tebbutt (Deputy Premier) - Eric Roozendaal John Della Bosca Verity Firth David Campbell"

"..Keneally government - Inaugural Ministry December 2009 - Kristina Keneally (Premier) Carmel Tebbutt (Deputy Premier) - John Hatzistergos Eric Roozendaal David Campbell Verity Firth .."

"..Appendix 5: Changes to female representation in NSW Parliament-Changes resulting from NSW Election on 26 March 2011 -Legislative Assembly - Name Party Division Ministry Outcome - Firth, Verity ALP Balmain Yes Defeated by Green male.."

Source: 2011 NSW Election (Australian Parliamentary Library)

Inaugral Speach by new Member 24 May 2011

"Mr JAMIE PARKER (Balmain) [6.14 p.m.] (Inaugural Speech): I acknowledge the Gadigal people of the Eora nation, the traditional owners of the land on which this Parliament sits, and I pay my respects to the elders, past, present and future. I also acknowledge the history of dispossession of this country's Indigenous people. I express my sorrow for that history and I resolve to do all that I can to overcome the ongoing consequences of that dispossession..." Speakers - Parker Mr Jamie; Deputy-Speaker (Mr Thomas George)

55th NSW Parliament

Members of the 55th Legislative Assembly

Result Seat of Balmain

2/04/2011 23:14 From Preferential Counts in PDF
16,664 FALK James (Liberal)
19,141 PARKER Jamie (The Greens) ELECTED

35,805 Total Formal Votes

9,833 Exhausted Votes
1,149 Total Informal Votes

46787 Total Votes of 51,888 enrolled

Result Legislative Council ( viewed 13 April 2011)

The Greens have broken through into the NSW lower house with a historic victory by Jamie Parker in the seat of Balmain (2 April 2011 16:25)

Greens win #balmain (2 April 2011 16:19)

And it is done - @GreensJamieP has won #Balmain! (2 April 2011 15:20)

Democracy in progress: Balmain Vote count progresses Saturday morning (2 April 2011)

02 April 2011 11:58:40 FALK(LP):14857 PARKER(GNS):14019 FIRTH(ALP):13769 SHEEHAN(IND):1375 WARD(IND):681 GESLING(CDP):426 FOLKES(IND):289 SHAPIRO(IND):223 TotalFormal:45639 Informal:1148 TotalVotes[Counted:46787 of 51888 enrolled

17:46:29 1 April 2011:- FALK:14,857 PARKER:14,018 FIRTH: 13,769 SHEEHAN:1,376 WARD:681 GESLING:426 FOLKES:290 SHAPIRO:223 Votes Counted:46,787/51888

09:36 1 April 2011 FALK(LP):14831 PARKER(GNS):13971 FIRTH(ALP):13749 SHEEHAN (IND):1373 GESLING(CDP):424 WARD(IND):680 FOLKES(IND):287 SHAPIRO(IND):223 Informal:1141 Votes Counted: 46,679 of 51,888

JOHN CLARKE: A dinner for the ALP members who've recently been returned to the NSW Parliament.
BRYAN DAWE: Where's that being held?
JOHN CLARKE: It's being held in a phone booth in Annandale, Bryan, and I don't want to be late. It's not easy parking up there....John Clarke and Bryan Dawe discuss the week's politics. (ABC 7.30 report 31 March 2011)

30 March 2011 14:22:30 FLK: 13,007 FTH: 12,206 PKR:12,067 SHN:1218 WRD:578 GSLNG:364 FLKS:238 SHPRO:178 Inf:992 still waiting on 11,000 votes -

29 March 2011: with only 36504 of 51888 #Balmain votes counted
Falk 11539
Firth 10903
Parker 10793
Informal/Other 5 candidates: 3269.
Legislative Assembly and Council results at

8.00am to 6.00pm Saturday 26 March 2011 Polling Places
Annandale Public School & Annandale North Public School
All Polling places in seat of Balmain

8 Candidates compete for votes in the Seat of Balmain

At 11 Mar 2011 08:30, the NSW Electoral Commission Website listed 8 candidates standing for the seat of balmain in the Legislative Assembly. Links to their websites below.

313 Candidates are contesting 21 (of 42) seats in the Legislative Council. 16 groups have registered for the Legislative Assembly and several candidates are ungrouped.

Complete list of Candidates and Groups standing for each seat in the Legislative Assembly and Legislative Council are listed on the NSW Electoral Commission Website

7 of the 8 Candidates, standing for the Seat of Balmain in the Legislative Council, addressed the Election Forum at Annandale Neighbourhood Centre (7 March 2011)

woman in black sleeveless dress speaking with microphone, man in blue checked shirt sits listening at same table Man in blue shirt and black jacket and woman in blue and white dress sit at table listening Man in white shirt and black jacket speaking through a microphone Man in white shirt listens while woman in black dress with black spectacles speaks into microphone

Candidates for seat of Balmain in the lower house of State Parliament (Legislative Assembly)

Annandale is in the NSW Seat of Balmain. 7 candidates indicated they would be standing.

Legislative Council


NSW Electoral Commission

NSW State Election 2011 * Pre-poll locations * Polling Places map * Polling Places list

Candidate Information,

Enrolment and Electorate Information

Electoral Commission NSW * registration of political parties * enrolment of electors * electoral rolls * the conduct of

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Saturday 26 March 2011 -Parliament of NSW: Calendar and Elections

Annandale is in the Electorate of BALMAIN (Balmain was abolished in 1991 and recreated in 2007. In the interrim it was the District of Port Jackson)
From the Parramatta River in the north to Parramatta Road in the south; and from the Iron Cove Creek in the west to Wattle Street in the east.