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Annandale Borough/Municipality (1894-1949) Changes to Boundary 1936 Boundary Change 2003 Boundary Change 2011 NSW Election 2012 Council Elections 2013 Federal Election 2015 NSW Election 2016 Federal Election 2017 Inner West Council Election

2003 Alteration to boundary with City of Sydney

"Schedule A – Land Transferred from the Area of Leichhardt to the City of Sydney Area about 2.22 square kilometres. Commencing at"....

"Schedule C – Area of Leichhardt (as altered)
Area about 10.03 square kilometres. Commencing on the Mean Low Water Mark of the generally southern shore of Iron Cove at the entrance to the Hawthorne Canal: and bounded thence by that canal upwards to Parramatta Road; by that road generally north- easterly, Mallett Street and Booth Street north-westerly, Wigram Road north-easterly to Johnstons Creek Stormwater Channel; by that channel downwards to The Crescent;"...

"(2) The Glebe/Annandale Ward of the Area of Leichhardt, after taking therefrom the land described in Schedule A hereto, remains as a ward of the Area of Leichhardt, and the boundaries of the ward are hereby altered so that the ward boundary prolongs along the boundary of the Area of Leichhardt as described in Schedule C hereto."...

Source: NSW Government Gazette Number 47 Wednesday, 19 February 2003 Last updated 25 June 2013.