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Bird Species Sighted in Annandale

Common Name (U-Z)Sightings, Field Notes & Photographs
House sparrowresident, introduced speciest1
Eastern SpinebillAfternoon 16.5.2003, feeding on correas opposite Rozelle Bay Community Native Nursery
Welcome swallow frequent visitor1
White-winged TrillerSummer Migrant1, Federal Park, 6/10/02 about 10.00am
Willie Wagtail resident1
Willie-Wag-tail - Photo Marghanita
Photographed by Marghanita da Cruz near Federal Park wetlands, approx 1pm, 28 October 2006.
Willie Wagtail sitting on a nest - Photograph Susanne Martain
Photographed by Susanne Martain sitting on nest chapman road, 12.43pm October 2005
Clamorous Reed-warbler
Red wattlebirdoccasional visitor1
Red Wattlebird - Photograph Marghanita
Photographed by Marghanita da Cruz in Front Garden
Superb Fairy Wren resident1

1The terms "resident", "occasional" , "frequent visitor" refer to the original Survey Site and Period. This list builds on information gathered in a Survey for the Birds Australia National Atlas and Cumberland Atlas (which contributes to the National Atlas but records more information). The Survey was of the 2 hectare site which included the Federal Park Wetlands, and was bounded by Johnston Creek Canal, the Crescent, and [light rail] overpass on Rozelle Bay. The site was surveyed for 20 minutes each survey period, originally every season, but then every month over a few years before 2006.