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Federal Park Tidally-Influenced Salt Marsh Wetland (constructed 2001)

images of federal park wetland when first constructed - photo Marghanita A four year consultation, planning, design and construction process, has delivered a salt marsh wetland just three kilometres from the Sydney G.P.O. Funding from an Environmental Trust (Restoration & Rehabilitation) Grant, a Storm water Trust Grant and Leichhardt Council itself has enabled conversion of a traditional storm water conveyance - i.e. an underground concrete channel beneath a grassed park surface - into an open water body, tidal mud flats, salt-marsh planting and associated fringing terrestrial vegetation.

The project enables visitors to a popular inner city open space to view an initiative that seeks to reestablish an environment akin to the pre-development foreshore. Considerable environmental education potential exists at the site. To achieve an on-the-ground outcome required strong commitment from stakeholders and at several preconstruction stages of the project delivery a less committed community or Council might have taken the easier "do nothing" option. Post-construction public opinion of the salt-marsh is favourable - justifying the major investment of community and Council staff time and effort.

The aims of the project were as follows:


A tidally-affected wetland was constructed by excavating a flat, grassed park surface adjacent to Johnstons Creek in Annandale. The project delivered an practical outcome after extensive community consultation had established community support for the project and after an ESD assessment, a feasibility study, soil sampling for contamination and detailed design planning had been undertaken.

Water Testing
Federal Park wetland - west of Chapman Road
Federal Park wetland, off Chapman Road, Annandale
Federal Park wetland, off Chapman Road, Annandale

Project Outcomes

Text provided by David Eckstein, Snr Environment Officer, Leichhardt Council, 7-15 Wetherill St, Leichhardt, NSW. Email: DavidE @ lmc . nsw .gov. au (2001). Photos - Ramin Communications.

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