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Editing Capture and Editing using Kino

Video Capture and Editing in Linux using Kino

SLUG Monthly Meeting, Friday 31 August - General Talk

Marghanita da Cruz Image from video of SLUG Meeting 31 August 2007


2003 Targa Laptop with 3GB hard disk and firewire port


Knoppix 5.1
Kino and
(Kino and FFMPEG and FFMPEGTHEORA need to be installed via Synaptic package manager under System on the KDE (Knoppix) default menu)

Demonstration of Kino Features

Trap for new players projecting Video from a Laptop - while the Video was visible in Kino on the Laptop, the Video didn't appear on the screen via the projector, plugged into the external monitor port of the Laptop.

Fortunately there were knowledgable people in the room, who diagnosed the problem and solved the problem - change the Display in Kino (via EDIT/PREFERENCES) to XVideo to GDK). A similar problem occurred with MPLAYER.

Lunar Eclipse Annandale NSW, about 9.15pm 28 August 2007 - Photograph Marghanita da Cruz

MPlayer-Plugin for Mozilla

installed via KPackage under System on the KDE/Knoppix default menu

Kaffeine supports OGG

OGG players available for a variety of platforms.


Possible inclusion of OGG Video/Audio in the next version of HTML

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