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Knoppix Update

(Presented at SYDNEY LINUX USER GROUP BOOTCAMP, 19 May 2007)
Postscript: Notes from Upgrade of Targa Traveller S1 to Knoppix 5.1

Postscript: Notes from Upgrade of Targa Traveller S1 Laptop to Knoppix 5.1

Targa Traveller Notebook hardware includes: CDReader/DVD/CDBurner, 3 USB ports, SiS962 ( audio, modem and PCI fast ethernet), an IEEE1394 Firewire port, 512MB of RAM, 30GB of disk, 14.1 inch XGA TFT LCD Screen.

Upgraded to Knoppix 5.1 16 June 2007 by booting from Knoppix 5.1 CD and running sudo knoppix-installer. Some notes about the upgrade process

  1. First, backed up data files
  2. Then, deleted the partition with Knoppix 3.2 using CFDISK (note, had Kunbuntu installed on another partition to which I copied my data, in addition to backup
  3. Then, ran sudo knoppix-installer (see discussion and instructions for installing knoppix on hard disk at
  4. The fan now cuts in and out, which it didn't do under Knoppix 3.2
  5. Sound & Video in Kaffeine Player * Kino video editing, which did not work with Knoppix 3.2, now work.
  6. There is a bug in startup script(/etc/init.d/knoppix-autoconfig) which results in the wrong timezone being set. Unfortunately using the Control Centre option on the KDE menu running as root or knoppix does not work.

    replacing the following lines in (/etc/init.d/knoppix-autoconfig)
    rm -f /etc/localtime
    cp "/usr/share/zoneinfo/$TZ" /etc/localtime

    with the following (using the correct timezone reference) seems to do the trick
    #commented out following two lines and the subsequent line sets the timezone symbolic link to the correct timezone data file
    #rm -f /etc/localtime
    #cp "/usr/share/zoneinfo/$TZ" /etc/localtime
    ln -sf /usr/share/zoneinfo/Australia/Sydney /etc/localtime

    See for more information about setting time in Linux.

  7. The almost antique SanDisk PCMCIA PC Card ATA 5MB "Flash Disk" works fine, though it does need to be mounted and write permission needs to be set manually - when you use the disk.
  8. Whereas, the SanDisk Cruzer Micro USB 512MB Flash Drive - which indicates Linux support on the packaging, hotswaps just fine.
  9. Kino can be downloaded via the Synaptic Package Manager under "System" on the KDE menu. For some reason it uninstalls "The Gimp" which then needs to be reinstalled using the package manager. ffmpeg and ffmpegtheora should also be installed, this can also be done via Synaptic.
  10. To set iceweasel, rather than Konquerer as the default browser, when you click on a url, while reading an email in icedove, see Thunderbird does not properly handle http & https links. What to do?
  11. To use icedove, to compose messages when you click on a "mailto:" hyperlink in iceweasel, see Howto open mailto's in Icedove from Iceweasel ?[Solved]
  12. gtkam worked fine for uploading photos from a Digital Camera. However, the program needs to control the peripheral and so has to run under root. This is done via Settings/Menu Editor on the KDE menu AND the root password also needs to be set via Knoppix/Set Root Password from the KDE menu). This also applies to capturing video using Kino over firewire.
  13. Also using pftp, running in a terminal session, to upload webpages to server
  14. To view Theora OGG Video clips in ICEWEAZEL Browser - install Mozilla MPLAYER plugin via KPACKAGES (Under Settings on the KDE/Knoppix default menu)
  15. Video Capture and Editing Using Kino (and FFMPEG) © Ramin Communications 2007. Last modified 7 May 2015.