Annandale Short Historical Walks
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by Marghanita da Cruz

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1920s Annandale A Short Walk  Marghanita da Cruz with line drawing of 1920s Flats
1920s Annandale: A Short Walk

This book takes you back to Annandale of the 1920s and 1820s.

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    Paperback 2014 (ISBN 978-1-291-91148-0)

    E-Book 2014 (ISBN 978-1-291-91149-7)


    Californian Bungalow, Flats, Liver Coloured Bricks, Fibrous Plaster, Veterans, Aftermath of WW1, Annie Golding, Douglas Grant, Parkland, Annandale, Freight, Rail, Wheat, Silos, Macquarie, Motor Vehicles, Car Accidents, Queen Victoria Maternity Hospital, Electricity, Industry, Annandale, New South Wales, Australian History.

    About the Book

    1920s Annandale was a busy place...more

    1920s Annandale: A Short Walk

    1920s Annandale was a busy place.

    There was the retail strip along Parramatta Road, the timber businesses on the harbour. In between, there were builders, fibrous plasterers, stonemasons and the Pictures. Confectionery, Jam, Pianos and Radios were all being made in Annandale.

    Though change was coming, motor vehicles were crashing into pedestrians and posts, and injuring their occupants.

    Annandale remembered those who did not return from the War. The "Angel of Durban" came to say hello to some who did.

    1920s Annandale saw the transition of the suburb from an exclusive residential suburb into a thriving hub of innovation, industry and entertainment. The Rein Family constructed theatre's to show their silent movies, and within the decade talkies. The Beale Piano business was thriving, Harringtons set up a factory and flats began to appear. An Annandale Builder boasted of constructing the largest block of flats in Sydney.

    typed cardsCorregium

    A Guinea is £1.1.0 or 1 Pound, 1 Shilling. Not £1.10.0 as shown on page 15, of the first edition on 1920s Annandale: A Short Walk. According to the Index to the Council Minutes, the Annandale Borough contributed a guinea to purchase a wreathe in 1928.

    On page 15, the second last paragraph should read: "In 1928, the Council voted to give a "guinea" (£1.1.0), to the United Returned Soldiers, for a wreathe to be laid at the Annandale War Memorial on Rembrance Day."34

    Guided Walk

    Marghanita guided this walk as part of the Annandale Heritage Festival at 2pm on Sunday 13 April 2014, before publishing it as a paperback and eBook. The guided walk will start from the Hunter Baillie Chuch Hall at the corner of Johnston and Collins Streets Annandale. Price: $20 includes afternoon tea (proceeds to the Church and Hall conservation fund).Bookings Preferrred


    Author Talk:
    The Journal of Dr John White & the impact of private vehicles on Annandale

    In the course of her research for 1920s Annandale: A Short Walk, Marghanita da Cruz came across the Journal of Dr John White, the surgeon to the first fleet and who White's Creek, Street and Bay are named after. Marghanita also discovered the impact private cars made on 1920s Annandale.

    2pm Sunday 24 August 2014
    Eco-Annandale 2014: Conversations in the Cottage
    White Street Cottage, Footprints EcoFestival
    White's Creek Valley, cnr of Piper and Smith Sts Annandale