Eco-Annandale 2014
Conversations in the Cottage

@ Footprints EcoFestival

The theme for Eco-Annandale 2014: Conversations in the Cottage is the evolution of Annandale.

11am to 3pm Sunday 24 August 2014
White Street Cottage, Footprints EcoFestival
White's Creek Valley, cnr of Piper and Smith Sts Annandale

About Eco-Annandale

This will be the seventh Eco-Annandale. Previous Eco-Annandales have taken the form of Exhibitions. See Catalogs of Previous Exhibitions: Eco-Annandale 2013 (The Carbon Cycle) | Eco-Annandale 2012 (Energy) | 2011 (Water) | Eco-Annandale 2010@Footprints (Biodiversity) | 2010 (Biodiversity) | 2009 (Annandale's modern Ecosystem).

For More Information about Eco-Annandale

Contact: Marghanita da Cruz
Curator Eco-Annandale & Editor Annandale on the Web
Telephone: 0414-869202


11-3pm: Bake Sale

Annandale Child Care Centre Bake Sale

Tea and Cake by the Parents (proceeds to Annandale Childcare Centre)

12noon: Short Talk

David Springett

Annandale and the past Century

A review of architecture, past and present in Annandale, by local architect and Leichhardt Council Annandale Precinct Chairperson David Springett.

What has gone, and what do we have and what do we want in the future!

David will be introduced by Deputy Mayor, Gadigal (Annandale) Councillor Linda Kelly

12.45: Art Talk

Merrick Fry

Cattle with Rising Moon

Annandale Artist Merrick Fry will talk briefly about his sculpture.

1pm Short Talk

Norma Perry

The Development of Annandale from 1877 to 1878

What was Annandale like before it was a planned suburb?
What was the original town plan?
Who contributed to it and what were the changes as it rolled out?

Norma will be introduced by Gadigal (Annandale) Councillor Daniel Kogoy.

1.45pm: Poetry Recital

Ted Floyd

Eco-Warrior Poetry

Rozelle local Ted Floyd has been a long time environmental campaigner and advocate for the White's Creek Wetlands.

2pm: Short Talk

Marghanita da Cruz

The Journal of Dr John White & the impact of motor cars on Annandale

In the course of research for 1920s Annandale A Short Walk  Marghanita da Cruz with line drawing of 1920s Flats1920s Annandale: A Short Walk (Print on Demand Paperback and e-book), Marghanita da Cruz came across the Journal of Dr John White. White was the surgeon to the first fleet and White's Creek, street and bay are named after him. Marghanita also discovered the impact private cars had on 1920s Annandale.

Marghanita will be introduced by Councillor Vera-Ann Hannaford.

Marghanita's entry into Footprints Film Festival: World Environment Day 2014 by Marghanita da Cruz

People in park at festival brick building group of people Banner Conversations in the Cottage Artist with sculpture