Annandale Short Historical Walks
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by Marghanita da Cruz

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1890s Annandale A Short Walk second edition Marghanita da Cruz with line drawing of Church with steeple
1890s Annandale A Short Walk Marghanita da Cruz with line drawing of Church with steeple
1890s Annandale: A Short Walk

A short easy self guided historical walk around the heart of Annandale, starting at the corner of Johnston and Collins Streets. The book also covers Annandale of the 1790s.

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Walk, History, Annandale, NSW, Sydney, Australia, Property, Municipal, Industry, Public Transport, Sewerage, Sanitation, Residential, Development, Johnston, Early Australian History, Urban Development, Civics


Paperback 2nd Edition 2013 (ISBN 978-1-291-44698-2)

Paperback 1st Edition 2011 (ISBN 978-1-447-81111-4)

eBook in Colour 2nd Edition 2018 (ISBN 978-0-244-72187-9)

eBook 1st Edition 2011 (ISBN 978-1-447-79363-2)

1890s Annandale, Maps and Pictures

Adele and Alan Taylor married in Annandale in 1886. Taylor would go on to found Allen Taylor and Co, become and Alderman and Mayor of Annandale, in the 1890s, then Lord Mayor of Sydney and later a Member of the NSW Legislative Council. The walk is entwined with the Taylors and their local contemporaries Saint Mary Mackillop, John Young and Henry Parkes, the Father of Federation.

The book also covers the Engineering Heritage listed Annandale Sewage Aqueducts, the first reinforced concrete structure in Australia, and Public Transport in 1890s Annandale.

Map showing Route and Stops for 1890s Annandale A short WalkFirst Fleet

Plans of North Annandale (now known as Annandale)

Allen and Adela Taylor

man and woman with a bookHunter Baillie Presbyterian Memorial Church

In April 2011, Marghanita guided, a 1890s Annandale: A Short Walk for a group from the National Trust as part of the Annandale Heritage Festival. The walk was well received and Marghanita was encouraged to publish it.

1890s Annandale: A Short Walk was launched at Eco-Annandale 2011

Johnston Street

Primitive Methodist School Hall

Cyclist, Large Fig tree and Concrete AqueductAnnandale Aqueducts

Johnston and Rozelle Bays

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