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Part of Cover of Program for Artoonwater exhibition at Boomalli Galleryartonwater

Outreach, Petersham College of TAFE with students from Sydney Secondary College

Boomalli Gallery, 55-59 Flood St, Leichhardt
26 October - 10 November 2006

We're all on this Boat Together

A number of heritage boats and a carved figure head commissioned for the James Craig ship were donated by Pyrmont Heritage Boating Club and used as objects for the design of contemporary artworks by a grup of year 10 students from Sydney Secondary College, Leichhardt Campus

For most of these students it was their first time creating artworks and being in an art-studio. All of the works on exhibition were designed and painted collaboratively over 17 weeks, at the Annandale Campus, where the Petersham College of TAFE runs Scaffolding Courses.

The site itself posed interesting problems for the studens. The first studio they were in (aptly named the "dungeon") flooded halfway into the course. The new studeio, whilst dry, had to compete with scffolds and cranes and a family of pigeons, who added their own"paint" on a weekly basis. Despite the challenges, the group of 9 students maintained a high level of motivation and creativity, to produce several collaborative and individual artworks.

The artonwater course seeks to give youth, in the local community around Sydney Harbour, an opportunity to develop skills in the arts and to learn about the heritage of the harbour.

Preparation of the Surface & front of ship on Sydney Harbour

"The barque James Craig was built by Bartram, Haswell & Co. in Sunderland, England in 1874. Originally named Clan Macleod, her maiden voyage was to Peru." In 1917, she lost her figurehead which was replaced with a scroll. Dennis Adams was commissioned to sculpt the new figure head. In need of paint, the figure head became the centrepiece of ArtonWater.

Extracts from Artists Statements

Works for Artonwater ready for exhibition The Artists would like to thank Outreach, Petersham College of TAFE, Porter's Paints, Pyrmont Heritage Boating Club, Sydney Secondary College and Boomalli Gallery

Art on Water on Exhibition

26 October - 10 November 2006
Boomalli Aboriginal Artists Co-op
55-59 Flood St, Leichhardt
Tues - Fri 10am - 5pm
Other Times by appointment

Scaffolding and Rigging, Annandale Campus

TAFE NSW - Sydney Institute, Petersham College Rigging and Scaffolding have partnered with Waterway Constructions, one of the largest specialist maritime contractors on the east coast of Australia. Customised dogging skills training was provided to Waterway Constructions staff requiring the knowledge to safely perform basic dogging work. Twelve Waterway Constructions employees graduated the specialised training program on 30 September.