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Author: Marghanita da Cruz

How to set up a basic RSS Feed

"RSS is a family of web feed formats used to publish frequently updated content such as blog entries, news headlines or podcasts. "- RSS, Wikipedia, the free encyclopedia
  1. Create an RSS feed. For an example look at the source of XML File (note: use of AEST - Australian Eastern Standard Time)
  2. Create an XSL style sheet which transforms your XML to HTML - (Note - this how-to-rss.xml seems to crash Mozilla 1.4 erratically and you don't need a style sheet for later browsers and RSS feed readers)
  3. Upload your XML (and optionally XSL Stylesheet) File to your website
  4. View your XML file (if you use a stylesheet, you need to specify it in the XML file) in your browser
  5. Validate your XML File - try
  6. see media-release-2007-05-11.shtml for an example of
    • Advertising a feed by providing a text and RSS Graphic link to your XML File on your website
    • Displaying content of the feed on your webpage with an iframe
  7. To find out what happens to your feed, see


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