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Fate of a Rönisch Piano

Rönisch Piano Nameplate A Roenish Piano on a Kerb in Annandale - Photo Marghanita Ronisch Piano dumped on Curb in 2006, Nelson St, Annandale.

The nameplate inside this piano indicates it was manufactured at the Rönisch Factor in Dresden.In 1866 Carl Rönisch was the first to put a full cast-iron plate into a piano. This enabled a high-tension scale and is considered the beginning of the use of full cast-metal plates in use today. Source Roenisch Pianos Number on Ronisch Piano - Photo Marghanita Rönisch PianoTrademark

Each piano has a serial number which would help date it - if the piano is still there tomorrow, I will check for a serial number. Production was taken over by Hupfeld in 1918 and moved to Leipzig, so the piano must have been made before that.

There are two numbers on the Piano 782 visible from the back, located on a diagonal beam and a 29048 printed at the top edge of the right panel (when facing the piano) of the top part of the piano.

According to, the number 29048 indicates the piano was manufactured between 1891 - 1900. The 782 indicates a manufacture date of 1856 - 1870.

Number on Ronisch Piano - Photo MarghanitaShortly after these photographs were taken, the piano was broken up and put in the back of a Ute.

Fate of a Piano - Photo MarghanitaPrior to starting the Beale Piano Factory in Annandale , Octavus Beale imported German Pianos to Australia.

Further References to Rönisch Pianos

A Ronisch Piano that is still loved - photo CathyThis photograph of a more loved Ronisch Piano in Queensland, was emailed by Cathy a visitor to this page.

Cathy reported that the piano has the original Australian distributor's details - C Winkworth and Son, ANNANDALE - embossed in gold on the front of the piano.

"Alderman Winkworth was a native of Essex, England. He came to Australia when lie was 17 years old. He Joined a city music firm. Later, he founded the firm of C. Wlnkworth and Son, Ltd. It grew from a small business to a State-wide organisation. About 15 years ago Mr. Winkworth relinquished the manage- ment of the business to his two sons, Messrs. Leslie and Herbert Winkworth." - The Sydney Morning Herald Friday 14 July 1933 Page 16

Sad end to a long life - Photo MarghanitaAdvertisement: Reliable Electric Radio...Winkworths Piano and Radio Specialists, 337 George Street....160-164 Parramatta Road, Annandale - The Sydney Morning Herald Saturday 20 September 1930 page 8

"Stanley G Campbell Piano Services, 58 years.Training: C. Winkworth & Son - Annandale" - Tuners that are located in New South Wales.

C. Winkworth & Son moved from Annandale to 51 York Street, Sydney and expanded from Pianos to Radios. AWA Radiolette mantel radios in their shop window and the Scots Regiment Parade in Front of the C. Winkworth and Son Pty Ltd (51 York Street, Sydney, N.S.W.).

More about Pianos in Annandale

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