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Annandale Precinct Committee Meetings

7pm 1st Monday of each Month, Back Hall Annandale Neighbourhood Centre, 79 JOHNSTON STREET ANNANDALE NSW 2038

Regular Community Consultation Forums by Leichhardt Council North and South Annandale. Extracts below - Detailed Meeting Agendas, Papers and Minutes are available on Leichhardt Council Website

Annandale Residents Precinct Committee Meetings

Annandale Residents Precinct Meetings were held 1st Monday of the month, 7.00pm to 8.30pm Annandale Neighbourhood Centre, 79 Johnston St, Annandale. The precinct committee was an independent community forum hosted by council; we discuss and act on local issues in the interests of residents. For further information contact Ian Cranwell (sec.) 0419-483588 ; David Springett (chair) on 9660-4588. Detailed Meeting Agendas, Papers and Minutes were made available on Leichhardt Council Website

The committee was abolished, with their last meeting in February 2016. Agenda and Minutes: 2015-6 | 2014 | 5 March 2012-Dec 2013 | 2006-2011 Meetings

7:00pm-8.30pm Monday 4th November 2013

Agenda TBA

Draft Minutes Annandale Residents Precinct Meeting
Meeting 6/2013
2nd September, 2013
7:00pm – 8:30pm
Annandale Neighbourhood Centre (Front Room)
1.Acknowledgement of Country by the Chair – I acknowledge the Gadigal & Wangal people of the Eora nation on whose country we are meeting today & their elders past & present.
2.David Springett chair, Gretchen Gamble relieving Sec. Meet. Opened 7.10 pm
3.Attendance and Apologies
Helen Matthews, David Lawrence, Ian Cranwell, John Gerofi
4.Confirmation of minutes of meeting August 2013) Moved acceptance Marghanita De Cruz, seconded David Springett and passed. (Minutes were distributed by email, no corrections received.)
5.Matters arising from minutes (if not covered elsewhere in agenda).
6.Development Application for Old Tram Depot, Harold Park
Up date by Councillor Kelly who tabled Council’s submission to city of Sydney Council.
Issues raised included residents’ concerns with proposed traffic lights Nelson St/The Crescent, traffic generation, intensity of commercial activities, parking in surrounding streets, main access on road across Federal Park, and lack of “on-site” child care facilities.
Cn Kelly stated that Leichhardt Council’s Traffic Committee will put in submission re traffic impact.
7.Johnstons Creek Parklands Materplan
COS accepted proposal in the main—see attached
David repprted that arches on the A’dale side of Bicentenntial Park will be opened asap.
Gretchen suggested possibility that Mirvac—who already provides funds to PCYC—to reconfigure their current building and expand overall area, to incorporate a Child Care Centre.
8.29 Annandale St: section 96 DA variation application
Resident concerns.—still being dealt with by council.
9.Our community at risk: how the changes to planning laws will affect  you: Meeting Invitation from Jamie Parker, Member for Balmain:
Apparently a well attended, informative and successful meeting of about 150 people.
10.Aboriginal Place Names as address for residents
Matter raised by e-m by Suzanne Martain
Discussed and suggested by meeting that Council could offer this as an option for residents, but noited house no. and street name would still need to be used, as post code would not result in successful delivery of mail.
11.Standing Requests to Council
that the Precinct requests regular reports as situations change on these issues:
233 & 233A Johnston St
1 Parramatta Road, Annandale, including court case (noted DA made)
Lot 101 Taylor St & Sydney Water land – park extension planning
Commercial advertising compliance
Resident parking scheme proposals – in advance to allow consideration (council has agreed to this)
Parramatta Road amenity improvements, pedestrian safety and drainage augmentation--
Draft LEP 2012 & DCP
Councillor Kelly reported that
-- Johnston St bridge repair plan is currently with COS
--Hinsby Park dog friendly section + “rules’ for using as party venue (inflatable jumping castles etc) are being dealt with by Council and appropriate sign posting to be installed—concept plan to be e-m to those residents who attended on-site
--M P for Chester St park witll go to Sept meeting of Council after it’s presented to Councillors. Naming it after Douglas Grant seems appropriate. Significant research provided by Marghanita appreciatred
11 ICorrespondence
Council responses August resolutions
12 Other business
--Helen F raised matter of boundary windows and need for the keeping of a Council register to ensure, by an annual inspection, that these are compliant with BCA standards. (motion passed by meeting-see report to Council0
Councillor Hannaford drew attention to:
-15 Sept—Big Bike day-10 am Pioneer Pk
-24th Sept “Dementia Café on Norton” at Goia Café—and an on-line survey on Council’s “Disability Action Plan”—link on web and is Survey Monkey format.
-Draft Reconciliation Plan also on Council’s web
-also mentioned restoration of ”slot window” in the A’dale N C—
--Council web link to details of A’dale Youth Drop –in Centre

Marghanita reminded all abt. next year’s Heritage Week and plans at hand. Ideas welcome.

Councillor Kelly to forward wording of motion passed at prev. Council meeting re Precincts.
(wording is as per Craig’s amendment

Meeting closed 8.15 pm
13 Next Meeting— 4th Nov 2013-- 7:00pm – 8:30pm, Annandale Neighbourhood Centre. Note: No meeting October, Labour Day 7th October.
Gretchen Gamble—(relieving sec0

7:00pm-8.30pm Monday 6th May 2013

man and two women Jamie Parker, Member for Balmain will speak and answer questions on local issues.
A great chance to hear developments and put your views.

7pm - 8:30pm Monday 6th May
Annandale Neighbourhood Centre (Annandale Town Hall)
79 Johnston St Annandale

info: Ian Cranwell 0419 483 588

7:00pm-8.30pm Monday 4th March 2013

Agenda TBA

7:00pm-8.30pm Monday 4th February 2013

Mayor to answer questions on notice and questions from the floor. Election of Precinct Secretary and Chair.

7:00pm-8.30pm Monday 5th November 2012

We have a presentation from the City Council on the Johnston Creek parkland expansions (part in Annandale), and the three recently elected councilors will attend, with time for questions. - Sec Annandale Precinct (Email 17/10/12 17:22)

presentation on the Glebe Island: proposed Glebe Island Expo (temporary) by Alec Brown, Consultation Team, Sydney International Convention, Exhibition & Entertainment Centre. Infrastructure NSW. - Sec Annandale Precinct (Email 25/10/12 17:31)

7:00pm-9pm Monday 6th August 2012

for Gadigal/Annandale-Leichhardt Ward...more

7:00pm-8:30pm 7th May 2012


  1. Acknowledgement of Country by the Chair – I acknowledge the Gadigal & Wangal people of the Eora nation on whose country we are meeting today & their elders past & present.
  2. Attendance and Apologies Apologies: S. Tronser, Councillor Plate
  3. Confirmation of minutes of meeting 3/2012 (2nd April 2012). Minutes distributed by email, no amendments received..
  4. Matters arising from minutes (if not covered elsewhere in agenda).
  5. Bays Alliance Report from Precinct representatives
  6. Proposed boarding houses at 8 and 10 Campbell Ave, Lilyfield Implications for LMC.
  7. Boundary windows/neighbour issues Held over from April meeting.
  8. Council information collection policy for phone contact/identification of citizen service officer/standards of service Held over from April meeting.
  9. Monitoring of responses from council Held over from April meeting.
  10. Standing Requests to Council Proposal to maintain a list of items the Precinct on which requests regular reports, including: 228/230 Trafalgar St 268 Nelson St Lot 101 Taylor St & Sydney Water land – open space Commercial advertising compliance Resident parking scheme proposals – in advance to allow consideration Wigram/Booth roundabout
  11. National Trust Plaques – progress
  12. Chester St dead end footpath – redesign by Council
  13. Angle parking Trafalagar St between Booth and Collins Sts
  14. Advertising on utility poles Consideration of adequacy of council response
  15. Paving works Booth St – pedestrian hazards
  16. Advertising of Precinct Meeting Standing request to council; reaffirmation.
  17. Correspondence
  18. Other business (if time allows)
  19. Next Meeting 4th June 2012 7:00pm – 8:30pm 7th May 2012, Annandale Neighbourhood Centre (Queens birthday holiday is 11th June).

7:00pm-8:30pm 5th March 2012

1.Acknowledgement of Country by the Chair – I acknowledge the Gadigal & Wangal people of the Eora nation on whose country we are meeting today & their elders past & present.
2.Attendance and Apologies
3.Confirmation of minutes of meeting 2/2012 (6th February 2012). Minutes distributed by email, no amendments received.
4.Matter arising from minutes (unless covered elsewhere in agenda).
5.Bays precinct masterplan Report by rep, Council meeting tonight, invitation sent today
6.233 Johnston St – approval
7.228/230 Trafalgar St Council enforcement and intentions Booth St traffic, proposed roundabout Meeting promised by mayor, follow up, City approval?
8.Susan St acquisitions – update, presentation to Precinct 2nd April by Peter Conroy
9.Boundary windows
10.Food truck proposal Bicentennial Park Annandale (City of Sydney)
11.Shop advertising – compliance with consent requirements
12.Acquisition of warehouse Taylor St – progress?
13.Council mail outs – better direct to subscribers?
14.Monitoring of responses from council
15.Correspondence –­ listed below
16.Other business – as time allows
17. Next meeting: Monday 2nd April 2012, 7:00pm Annandale Neighbourhood Centre