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Council Response to FLAG on Suburb Name

"We have received feedback from Council which partially answers our queries below. You can download the letter here:
We asked Council:.. more

Should Harold Park remain a part of Forest Lodge?

Have your say at:

people in park Sydney City Council approves upgrade of Road through foreshore Parkland

Email 22/05/14 22:08 "All,
To provided an update to the FLAG group, as you may know City of Sydney approved the Tramsheds DA at the council meeting held in early April. The Councillors, with the exception of Irene Doutney (the Greens Councillor) voted to approve the retail development plans for the historic Tramsheds building. Irene Doutney said she couldn't support the plans in their final form because of the impact on those using the Johnstons Creek path. ..."more

City Council gives Tramshed Development Go Ahead

The Development Assessment Sub-Committee decided that consideration of this matter be deferred to the meeting of Council on 7 April 2014.
At the meeting of Council, it was moved by Councillor Mant, seconded by Councillor Kok –
It is resolved that consent be granted to Development Application No. D/2013/883, subject to the conditions as detailed in the subject report to the Planning and Development Committee on 1 April 2014, amended as follows (with additions shown in bold italics and deletions in strikethrough):.." - 12th page of Document (page 550 of Minutes)

"The motion was carried on the following show of hands –
Ayes (8) The Lord Mayor, Councillors Forster, Green, Kemmis, Kok, Mandla, Mant and Vithoulkas
Noes (1) Councillor Doutney.
Motion carried.
The motion, as adopted by Council, is as follows:
It is resolved that consent be granted to Development Application No. D/2013/883, subject to the following conditions:.." - 14th page of Document (page 552 of Minutes)

FLAG Harold Park (Residents Group)

FLAG Harold Park (FLAG) is an independent residents' action group representing three local communities: Forest Lodge, Annandale and Glebe....

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