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Local Provenance Plants for Sydney's Inner West

The Rozelle Bay Community Native Nursery and associated Bushcare Groups are reintroducing some of the diverse range of plants that once grew in the area. These local provenance species and strains have adapted to the local area's climate, rainfall patterns, salt water innundation, sunlight, soil, birds, animals and insects. The purpose built nursery located in Whites Creek Valley at Wisdom Street Annandale, features recycled ironbark timber from the old Pyrmont Bridge. Ironbark forests once grew in Annandale.

Small Trees (< 5m)

Latin NameCommon NameFamilyHeightUsesFlower Type
See also: Flowering Months, Soil, Water & Light Requirements, Propagation Methods for these Small Trees
Acacia falcataSickle WattleMimosaceae3screencream
Acacia floribundaWhite Sally; Gossamer WattleMimosaceae4shelter; avenue; screenmany scented cream
Acacia linifoliaFlax-leaved WattleMimosaceae3shelter; avenuemany cream
Acacia strictaStraight WattleMimosaceae3shelteryellow
Acacia ulicifoliaPrickly MosesMimosaceae3screencream
Avicennia marina var. australasicaMangroveAvicenniaceae5golden yellow
Bursaria spinosaAustralian BlackthornPittosporaceae4birdsscented white
Callistemon linearisNarrow-leafed BottlebrushMyrtaceae3birds; containerred
Clerodendrum tormentosumHairy ClerodendrumVerbenaceae4white
Elaeocarpus reticulatisBlueberry AshElaeocarpaceae4birds; screen avenuemany white or pink
Exocarpus cupressiformisCherry BallartSantalaceae4birds; screensmall white
Hakea salicifoliaWillow-leafed HakeaProteaceae5birds; avenuemany cream
Leptospermum attenuatumSlender Tea-treeMyrtaceae4screen shelterwhite or pink
Leptospermum flavescensYellow Tea-treeMyrtaceae4screen shelterwhite
Leptospermum polygalifoliumLemon-scented Tea TreeMyrtaceae3white
Melaleuca armillarisBracelet HoneymyrtleMyrtaceae5street; birdscream
Melaleuca nodosaA PaperbarkMyrtaceae3birds; screencream
Melaleuca nodosaBall HoneymyrtleMyrtaceae5
Notolea longifoliaMock OliveOleaceae3yellow cream
Omolanthus populifoliusBleeding Heart TreeEuphorbiaceae4screen; birds; containersmall cream
Persoonia levisBroad-leafed GeebungProteaceae4screenyellow
Persoonia linearisNarrow-leafed GeebungProteaceae4screenyellow
Pittosporum revolutumYellow PittosporumPittosporaceae3screen containeryellow
Pittosporum undulatumSweet Pittosporum; Mock OrangePittosporaceae5screen; birds; containerscented cream
Rapanaea variabilisMutton WoodMyrsinaceae3small green
Xylomelum pyriformeWoody PearProteaceae4avenue; birdspink

Blueberry Ash in blossom October 2006
Elaeocarpus reticulatis (Blueberry Ash) Photographer: Marghanita da Cruz, 28 October 2006

Banksia Marginata - Photo Marghanita

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