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Annandale NSW Australia -33.8814; 151.1707

Local Provenance Plants for Sydney's Inner West

The Rozelle Bay Community Native Nursery and associated Bushcare Groups are reintroducing some of the diverse range of plants that once grew in the area. These local provenance species and strains have adapted to the local area's climate, rainfall patterns, salt water innundation, sunlight, soil, birds, animals and insects. The purpose built nursery located in Whites Creek Valley at Wisdom Street Annandale, features recycled ironbark timber from the old Pyrmont Bridge. Ironbark forests once grew in Annandale.

Shrubs (0.5 to 2m)

Latin NameCommon NameFamilyHeightUsesFlower Type
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Acacia myrtifoliaRed Stem WattleMimosaceae2cream
Acacia suaveolensSweet-scented WattleMimosaceae2scented cream
Acacia terminalisSunshine WattleMimosaceae2cream
Banksia aspleniifolia (now B. oblongifolia)Fern-leafed BanksiaProteaceae2birdslarge yellow
Banksia spinulosaHairpin BanksiaProteaceae1birdslarge yellow or red
Breynia oblongifoliaBreyniaEuphorbiaceae2birds; screensmall green
Cassinea aculeataCommon Daisy BushAsteraceae2many white & pink
Cassinea aureonitensYellow Daisy BushAsteraceae2many yellow
Daviesia corymbosaClustered Bitter PeaFabaceae1many yellow & red
Davesia ulicifoliaGorse Bitter PeaFabaceae0.5many yellow & red
Dillwynia parvifoliaFabaceae1
Dillwynia retortaEggs and BaconFabaceae1yellow & red
Dodonea triquetraa Hop BushSapidaceae2screensmall green
Epacris longifloraFuchsia HeathEpacridaceae0.5birdsred & white
Epacris pulchellaNSW Coral HeathEpacridaceae1birdspink or white
Epacris purpurescensPort Jackson HeathEpacridaceae1birdspink or white
Grevillea buxifoliaGrey Spider FlowerProteaceae1.5birdsgrey pink
Grevillea longifoliaProteaceae2birdsdark red
Grevillea mucronulataGreen Spider FlowerProteaceae2birdsgreen
Grevillea sericeaPink Spider FlowerProteaceae2birdspink
Grevillea speciosaRed Spider FlowerProteaceae2birdsred
Hakea dactyloidesFinger HakeaProteaceae2birds; screenmany white
Hakea sericeaNeedlebush; Silky HakeaProteaceae2birdscream or pink
Helichrysum diosmifolium (Ozothamnus diosmifolius)Ball Everlasting; Sago BushAsteraceae2many white to pink
Hibbertia asperaRough Guinea FlowerDilleniaceae1yellow
Indigofera australisNative Indigo BushFabaceae2many pink
Kunzea ambiguaTick BushMyrtaceae2many white or pink
Lasiopetalum parviflorumSterculiaceae1pale rusty hairy flowers
Leucopogon amplexicauleFringed Beard HeathEpacridaceae2birdswhite
Leucopogon ericoidesPink Beard HeathEpacridaceae1birdswhite & pink
Leucopogon juniperinusPrickly Beard HeathEpacridaceae1birdswhite
Leucopogon lanceolatusLance Beard HeathEpacridaceae2birdswhite
Lissanthe strigosaPeach HeathEpacridaceae0.5birdswhite to pink
Lomatia silaitifoliaCrinkle BushProteaceae1many white
Maytenus silvestrisCelastraceae?small green
Notolaea ovataNative OliveOleaceae1screen containersmall; yellow
Olearia microphyllaBridal Daisy BushAsteraceae2many white
Olearia viscidulaBrish Daisy BushAsteraceae2white
Oxylobium ilicifoliumPrickly Shaggy PeaFabaceae2yellow & orange
Ozothamnus diosmifoliusBall Everlasting; Sago BushAsteraceae2many white to pink
Persoonia lanceolataLance-leafed GeebungProteaceae2screenyellow
Persoonia laurinaLaurel-GeebungProteaceae1red
Phyllanthus gasstroemiiBlunt SpurgeEuphorbiaceae2small green
Phyllanthus thymoidesThyme SpurgeEuphorbiaceae0.5small red or yellow
Pimelea linifoliaSlender Rice FlowerThymeleaceae1white
Platylobium formosumHandsome Flat PeaFabaceae0.5yellow & red
Platysace lanceolataApiaceae1small white
Platysace linearifoliaApiaceae1small white
Polyscias sambucifoliaElderberry PanaxAraliaceae2containersmall white
Pomaderris ferrugineaRusty PomaderrisPhamnaceae2yellow
Pomaderris sieberanaSieber's PomaderrisRhamnaceae2small yellow
Prostanthera incanaHoary Mint BushLamiaceae1large violet
Pultenaea linophyllaHalo Bush PeaFabaceae1yellow & brown
Pultenaea retusaBlunt Bush PeaFabaceae1yellow & brown
Pultenaea villosaBronze Bush PeaFabaceae1yellow
Styphelia laetaA Five CornersEpacridaceae1birdsyellow or red
Styphelia tubifloraRed Five CornersEpacridaceae1birdsred or pink
Zieria pilosaHairy ZieriaRutaceae1small white

Hairpin orange red banksia with small spiky leavesOrange Grevillea