Glass and Recycled Packaging Sculpture


My work is inspired by organic patterns of mangrove roots, reflection of shallow water across static land; and the patterns of light and shadow along the shoreline while walking and taking photos in Tambourine Bay Reserve. - Margot Alexander

glass sculpture

Aerial Growth V1

Cast and slumped glass, wood and metal base.
Margot Alexander
Lane Cove, 2007
25 x 30 x 51cm high
Price $1500.00

glass wall sculpture

Aerial Growth V11

Cast and slumped glass, kiln fired
Margot Alexander
Lane Cove, 2007
44 x 50cm
Price $900.00

Recycled Packaging

I work with packaging rescued from ordinary everyday objects, which can have surprisingly reflective and luminescent qualities. My works explore themes of reuse and recycling. - Viki Alonso

white sculpture made from recycled packaging

Gaea 5

Recycled Packaging
Viki Alonso
Sydney 2007-2008
120 x 100cm
Not for Sale

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