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Westconnex $17billion White Elephant

Westconnex's new route under Annandale
On Wednesday 9 November 2016, the M4-M5 link was rerouted to pass under Annandale, from Booth Street at Alfred Street, crossing Johnston Street at Collins St and Parramatta Road at Johnston's Creek.


Snapshot 12 November 2016, 10.10am from
Test Drilling Start Dates
1. Johnston St (15/11/16)
2. John St near Hill St(5/12/16)
3. White's Creek Lane (4/1/17)

"A white elephant is a possession which its owner cannot dispose of and whose cost, particularly that of maintenance, is out of proportion to its usefulness." -

Sign the open letter to Mike Baird, Duncan Gay and Rob Stokes on WestCONnex

"The recent removal of the WestCONnex Camperdown interchange means that the traffic, air quality, noise and financial projections for the New M5 are now wrong. Yet the Baird government has announced plans to charge ahead with starting tunnelling works at the St Peters Interchange - even though no one now knows what the impact of this part of the tollway or the interchange itself will be.." Sign the Open Letter

2 people in fluoro vests fencing in laneway between parkland 6 people and a dog objecting to WestCONnex calling for expenditure on Public Transport instead WestCONnex drilling Rig White's Creek Lane, 9 Jan 2017

White's Creek Drilling from 4 Jan

"19 December 2016 Geotechnical investigations – Annandale
Work is underway on WestConnex, which involves widening and extending the M4 motorway, duplicating the M5 motorway and joining the M4 and M5 to create a free-flowing motorway network.
Planning continues for the proposed M4-M5 Link – the third stage of the WestConnex project linking the M4 at Haberfield to the M5 at St Peters via underground tunnels. For more information, visit
Geotechnical investigations will be undertaken in White's Creek Lane, Annandale, from Wednesday 4 January 2017.
The work at this location is expected to take up to three weeks to complete, weather permitting. " - 161219_N58_Geotechnical%20investigations%20notification_Annandale.pdf

geotechnical investigations

"These investigations involve the collection of soil and rock samples using a small drilling rig.
The samples are analysed to help us understand the ground conditions in the area, including the water table, and help inform the project design, method of construction and the Environmental Impact Statement." - 161222_Geotechnical%20investigations%20postcard.pdf

New Route through Annandale

On Wednesday 9 November 2016, the M4-M5 link was rerouted to pass under Annandale, from Booth Street at Alfred Street, crossing Johnston Street at Collins St and Parramatta Road at Johnston's Creek.

Tunnel Midpoint (Between Parramatta Road, Pyrmont Bridge Road and Mallet Street, Annandale)

cityCARcass MEAT TRAY 17 billion -> to rise special SYDNEY wesconnex forced council amalgamation prime cut parks stuffed public transport developer tender loin bond bedrock scam ham bbq tree chops stack & kidney tol fed beef gutted suburbs gourmet govt snags skewered homes suppressed tongue smoked sydneysiders FOREIGN OWNED LOCALLY SLAUGHTERED. SW Dec 2016 Baird's butchery, 2016 – Susan Dorothea White –

Westconnex Community Update: "17 November 2016
Dear resident
WestConnex would like to correct some misinformation about the potential Camperdown mid-tunnel construction site:
•The midpoint tunnel site at Camperdown will require part of the ‘triangle area’ bordered by Parramatta Road, Pyrmont Bridge Road and Mallet Street in Camperdown [Annandale]..." - more at

Audit into Approval and Administration of Commonwealth Funding for the WestConnex Project

The objective of this audit is to assess whether appropriate steps were taken to protect the Commonwealth's interests and obtain value for money in respect to the $3.5 billion in Commonwealth funding committed to the NSW Government for the WestConnex project...more

Road with cars at night sign says Johnston Street Annandale, Leichhardt, Parramatta

Public Transport Survey

The Greens have established a series of surveys for people to have their say about New South Wales transport and help us in our work uncovering problems with the system and attending to people’s needs.

Do Survey at:

Parramatta Road Urban Renewal

Parramatta Road has been divided into Precincts: Granville, Auburn, Homebush, Burwood-Concord, Kings Bay, Taverners Hill, Leichhardt, Camperdown connected by Frame Areas.

"The Frame Areas are important connections between Precincts and will contribute towards the transformation of the Corridor. While not the focus of growth in the Strategy, land use change and development may still occur over the longer term through 'spot rezonings' or changes to development controls...." - Parramatta Road Corridor Urban Transformation Strategy fact sheet

Strategy Documents 9 November 2016 : Urban Transformation Strategy 2016 pdf (14 MB); Implementation Plan 2016-2023 pdf (3.2 MB); Urban Amenity Improvement Plan pdf (10 MB); Planning and Design Guidelines pdf (24 MB); Infrastructure Schedule pdf (1.6 MB) - See more at:

For events and news of the past see history


Time of Parra'dowee - Goray'murrai (warm and wet) November -

Restoration of Hill and Son Organ

large organ with shiny pipes in a sandstone church After 20 years of fund raising the Hill and Son Organ, at the Hunter Baillie Memorial Presbyterian Church's Memorial Presbyterian Church's , Annandale, is being restored. The fund raising and restoration is under the watchful eye of resident organist Ralph Lane...more

Tetch Gallery

Life Drawing Classes Sessions -7-9pm Every Wednesday Night!

Tetch Gallery 245 Parramatta Road
Tetch supplies drawing pad, sketching materials nibblies and a complimentary glass of wine. Spend your Wednesday nights in good company, sweet tunes, professional model each week and exploring your creative side. All is welcome, no experience necessary! $20 (cash on arrival is fine)...more

Naturalisation of White's Creek and Johnston's Creek

schematic of Johnston's Creek

Sydney Water is investigating a section of Johnstons Creek, Annandale as it is in need of

Sydney Water is investigating a section of White's Creek, Annandale as it is in need of

Tender - Replacement of the Chester St Footbridge across Johnston Creek Annandale

Tenders close at 11.00 am on Thursday, 15 December 2016.
The scope of works includes but not limited to:
Full engineering design and construction of a new footbridge and approach ramps, including new footings, across Johnston Creek, Annandale at Chester

Greater Sydney Commission Draft District Plans

Annandale is in the Central District and the foreshore is part of the Global Sydney Precinct. The Draft Central District Plan is on public exhibition until the end of March 2017...more

2017 Annandale Heritage Festival

The focus for 2017, will be Parramatta Road, Business as Usual
18 April to 18 May 2017...more

Over 50s Tai Chi

11:45am Tuesdays Commencing on 14th July 2015
Tai Chi class for people over 50. Suitable for people with chronic conditions. Join a free trial class then pay $6 per class!
Annandale Neighbourhood Centre, 79 Johnston St, Annandale
To book or for more information: Tel:(02)95334422 Email:

Annandale Craft Group

Five Women working on their craft Project

The Annandale Craft Group meets 11am-2pm Fridays at the Annandale Community Centre... more

Ask State Library to Digitise Annandale

Tweet : #Annandale #DigitiseMySuburb @StateLibraryNSW to be the most Tweeted suburb (between 6 January 2015 –17 February 2015) and make us the next in line for digitisation....more

Street Trees

If you would like to plant trees in front of your house you will need to Contact Leichhardt Council on 9367 9222 to advise your address and the width and type of footpath that you have in front of your home. ...more

State and Federal MPs and Local Councillors

House of Representatives (FEDERAL GOVERNMENT)

Tanya Plibersek, Member for Sydney in Federal House of Representatives

Historically, parts of Annandale have been in the Federal seat of Grayndler and Sydney. However, as of 11 March 2016 Annandale (except for the foreshore north of the Crescent) will be in Grayndler. The foreshore is in Sydney....more and check enrollment

NSW Legislative Assembly (STATE GOVERNMENT)

Jamie Parker, Member for Balmain in NSW Legislative Assembly

Local Government

"On 12 May 2016 the Minister for Local Government, Paul Toole, announced the newly formed "Inner West" Council.
Inner West Council includes the following wards: Marrickville Ward, Stanmore Ward, Ashfield Ward, Leichhardt Ward and Balmain Ward." The former Marrickville, Leichhardt and Ashfield councillors were sacked and the Inner West Council is run by an Administrator. Each Ward in the Inner West Council will have 3 councillors whose election has been postponed to 9 September 2017. -

Annandale will be split across the Balmain and Leichhardt Wards. From Booth St to the Crescent will be in the Balmain Ward and Booth Street to Parramatta Road will be in the Leichhardt Ward. See Map at:

The Annandale Foreshore (North of the Crescent) and a pocket of Annandale, at corner of Wigram Road and Booth street, West of Johnston's Creek, is in the City of Sydney, which does not have wards.