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New theatre is proud to present renowned actor David Ritchie as Iago, Shakespeare's ultimate villain, and exciting, recent Theatre Nepean graduate, Jason Malcolm King as the Noble Moor Othello. Opening May 14, Othello will play at new theatre until July 3.

This intimate and crisp modern production of Shakespeare's tale of honour, ambition, jealousy and race emphasizes the ultimate humanity and true emotions of these two incredible characters, and thus the frightening potential for violence and evil deep within us all.

Othello, a black man in a white world and a prodigy of warfare, is ultimately undone by his own greatest attribute - his passion. Iago, a good and honourable soldier of long standing, is suddenly and appallingly driven to extreme and violent vengeance against the world when overlooked for the promotion that would have been his last chance at true military glory.

Horribly obsessed, too, with rumours that Othello has had an affair with his wife Emilia (Alice Livingstone), Iago vows to be even with the Moor, "wife to wife". Improvising his way along the path of evil, Iago's actions gain a rapid and terrifying momentum which proves impossible to halt, leading inexorably to the play's violent and devastating climax.

Director, Christopher Johnson has worked both in Australia and America. In Australia he was Assistant Director to Richard Wherrett on NIDA's As You Like It and Gordon/Frost's acclaimed production of Cabaret, and directed Fornes' The Conduct of Life for the Sydney Fringe Festival. In New York he directed Mothers and Fathers for the Oceana Arts Festival, Ten Minutes to Fall in Love and Whenever I Fall at Your Feet. David Ritchie (Iago) last worked at new theatre as Director of the critically acclaimed production of Brecht's Mother Courage, while as an actor he has most recently acted in Tristan and Isolde (Lookout), Bridge (Stables) and When the World Was Green (Belvoir).

With designers Tom Bannerman (Visiting Mr Green) and Monica Bruknerova (Summer of the Aliens) composer Eliot Fish (Big Heavy Stuff) and a superb cast of 10, the action is set within the modern military and seeks above all to tell Shakespeare's own tale with thematic clarity, crispness, precision and humanity.

Director and cast are available for interview. Contact Christopher Wynton or Merran Doyle at More Publicity for further details.Telephone: [+61] 02 9908 4644 or 0419 999 607 Email: more@cyber.net.au


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