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We're back and we're off our trolley!

Last year, No Funny Business jived, waltzed and bootscooted its way through 6 decades of closetdom - it became a sellout season of finger-poking fun. Hot on the heels of new theatre's contribution to the 1998 Sydney Gay and Lesbian Mardi Gras Festival, comes their 1999 production, Lots More Funny Business.

In the acclaimed 1998 production of No Funny Business, the performers traced the history of mainstream society's discrimination against Sydney's homosexual community from the 30s to the 90s. But this year, we've swapped memory lane for the shopping strip. Lots More Funny Business is a big and fresh adventure through the bounteous 90s, serving up prime chunks of lesbian and gay lives and choices. We'll splice relationships, blend families, whip up workmates and mince the inlaws and outlaws. It's a mixed grill of music and comedy - a cabaret to satisfy all tastes.

Lots More Funny Business explores a wide range of issues concerning contemporary Gay and Lesbian individuals and groups, without losing any of the vivacity and verve of true cabaret. The issues include same sex relationships rights, commitment contracts, superannuation, inheritance, custody rights and sexual identification for children in gay and lesbian relationships, minorities within minorities and equal age of consent. The issues are important but the emphasis is on FUN.

With a cast of 21 all-singing, all-dancing actors, Lots More Funny Business ranges from heart-tugging ballads to raunchy full-scale production numbers. Lots More Funny Business is Show Business at its best.

Director (Gill Falson) and cast (all 20 of them) are available for interview. Contact Christopher Wynton or Merran Doyle at More Publicity for further details.Telephone: (02) 9968 4622 Email:More@localnet.com.au

All media enquiries: Merran Doyle, More Publicity (02) 9968.4622 Mailto:More@localnet.com.au

Venue: New Theatre, 542 King St, Newtown
Dates: Thursday, February 11 - Friday February 26
Note Special Performance Times: 8.30pm Thu/Fri/Sat & 5.30pm Sun
Prices: $22 Full, $17 Concession
Bookings: MCA Ticketing (+612)9873.3575

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