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By Dario Fo

Adapted and Directed by Shane Morgan

Featuring: Hayley Buckley, Martin Viski, Moira Hunt, Mark Duffy, AmandaThomas, Joanne Trentini, Shaun Parker

Imagine Rupert Murdoch is dead..continuing with that thought, Lachlan has taken over his empire...going further with that, imagine him to be a woman and you're bang in the middle of one of Dario Fo's latest comic masterpieces.......

Diana Forbes-Mackaye is probably the most feared, respected, lusted after and hated media magnate in the world. Perfect kidnapping material.


What happens when the kidnappers are not perfect kidnapper material? What happens when they start taking orders from the person they kidnapped? What happens when electrodes are attached to your genital area?

These questions will be answered between 2 August and 31 August when Dario Fo's Abducting Diana plays at new theatre.

Written in the mid 1980's and translated into English in the mid-90's, this comic masterpiece explores issues of media control, manipulation, power, greed, lust and politics.

Director Shane Morgan says "There is no question that the media is a very powerful machine. We rely on it to inform us of the runnings of the world. The question is - when does powerful become too powerful? Is it really the right of a journalist to reveal a 5 year affair? Is Ben Affleck really having a threesome with Nicole Kidman and Jennifer Lopez?"

Shane Morgan has adapted Abducting Diana to make it politically relevant to the Australian cultural landscape. Shane trained in the UK and his directing credits include NIPPLEJESUS by Nick Hornby ( which he also adapted ) for the Sydney Fringe Festival and ACCIDENTAL DEATH OF AN ANARCHIST at New Theatre. His acting credits include the recent AN ADULT EVENING OF SHEL SILVERSTEIN at Darlinghurst Theatre

What: Abducting Diana

When: 2 August - 31 August Thur-Sat 8pm Sun 5.30pm

Where: New Theatre 542 King St Newtown

Tickets:$22 and $15 (First Sunday free for unwaged)
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