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The Crucible

"Gripping production" Gary Smith, The Daily Telegraph 23 March 2007

"The Crucible has lost none of its power over time. You only have to listen to the audience gasps as the final moments are played to know the play is still keenly felt." Joanna Erskine, review

"If you've never experienced The Crucible, or you haven't in a while, then I certainly recommend you see this production, here on its spiritual home turf." Jack Teiwes, review

Parris & Tituba the Crucible in new theatre 2007 production of the Crucible Photographer Bob Seary

"Fischer's production is robust ... by the final scenes [it] has you by the throat." Jason Blake, Sun-Herald review

The Crucible
by Arthur Miller

Directed by Louise Fischer

Set design by Tom Bannerman

Lighting by Tony Youlden

Costumes by Pia Leong

Cast: Matt Ashby, Peter Bettman, Cassandra Booth, Jacqueline Breen, Ben Brock, Sandra Campbell, Hannah Davies-Conyngham, Bev Doyle, Anasaskia Elsom, Belinda Gosbee, Tori Hartigan, David Haydon, Pamela Jikiemi, Lynden Jones, John Keightley, Frank McNamara, Michael Moore, Leigh Rowney & James Shoobridge.

Would you give your life to protect your name?

Hathorne and Danforth in new theatre 2007 Production of the Crucible - Photo Bob SearySet in the Puritan township of Salem, Massachusetts in 1682, THE CRUCIBLE revolves around the notorious witch trials that split the community and resulted in the deaths of those who refused to name names . As neighbour accuses neighbour, the line between moral righteousness and petty revenge becomes increasingly blurred in a feeding frenzy of betrayal, avarice and lust.

Miller wrote THE CRUCIBLE in 1950 to dig a skeleton out of the closet of America in response to the anti-communist paranoia that was sweeping the country, driven by Senator Joseph McCarthy. Today the play remains a chillingly powerful indictment of the dangers of intolerance and greed and a savage attack on the ills of ideological intensities . It deservedly takes its place as one of the great plays of the 20th century.

It was a pleasure to encounter [a] great play, The Crucible, brought to life in such a powerful way .- Daily Telegraph 23 March 2007

John & Abigail in 2007 production of the crucible - photo Bob SearyTHE CRUCIBLE is of particular importance to new theatre as its production in 1958 was one of the earliest if not the first in Australia. This revival will be a highlight of new theatre s 75th anniversary season in 2007.

"The production is strong... the cast is resiliant ... set is highly effective ... excellent atmospheric music and costumes"

15 March- 5 April, 7-14 April 2007
(note: no performance Good Friday, 6 April)
$10 Preview WEDNESDAY 14 March 2007
Tickets $27/$22 Concession/$15 School Groups
Bookings: 1300 306 776 or mca-tix
Education and School Bookings only: 9519 3403