Local Community Engagement 2.0

Insights from Annandale on the Web

Marghanita da Cruz

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Public Sphere #2
Open Government Policy and Practice

Parliament House, Canberra
22nd June 2009

Government and Annandale
terrace house and scooter

Organisations in Annandale

People in Saffron Robes and a Dark Business Suit walking along footpathCommunity


Annandale on the Web

grandparents, son and grandson in front of Hinsby Park War Memorial

Man and Woman maintaining public green space

How people get to Annandale on the Web

Cyclist in park

Transport Challenge

People boarding 470 Bus to the City, via Forest Lodge

Engagement with Mayor and Councilors

Community Planting Day, Piper St Reserve, Annandale.

Questions and Comments

Mother pushing pram with toddler on footpath

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  1. " Hi, I'm trying to find out how hard it is to set up a local community website. can you please give me some useful links that helped get you started. Is there an easy template to follow or did it require a lot of programming skills?"

    Answer: In the case of Annandale on the Web, I crafted the HTML webpages. The pages do include Metadata and all the images include alt text. However, it could work quite well as your own Wiki site or add content to the Wikipedia - but you do need at least one active editor and someone to take enquiries and chat to people as this is a rich source and path to enriching the content of the site. Editors also need to protect the privacy of contributors.

  2. " hi i just want to know how to get to rozelle gardens "

    Guessing you mean Glover's Community Garden. Glover St Rozelle - see info on LMC Website (PDF)

  3. 1:50 Craig Thomler:  Senator Lundy is off to Question Time - but has put speakers on notice that she will be viewing the presentations given in her absence later - you have been (gently) warned! :) 1:50 Craig Thomler:  Marghanita da Cruz on Local Community Engagement 2.0 1:53 NathanaelB:  While Marghanita introduces her topi, Tom Worthington has blogged a brief analysis of the new Government 2.0 Task Force: http://bit.ly/oRGOJ - highlighting issues with IA and accessibility WCAG compliance. 1:54 Twitter	CraigThomler:  Offline at #publicsphere for a short period 1:54 NathanaelB:  We're currently running about 20 minutes behind schedule - which you can view at http://www.katelundy.com.au/2009/05/29/public-sphere-2-open-government-policy-and-practice/ 2:03 Twitter CraigThomler:  Transact link still down - will be Paraphrased Twitter Question: Who uses Webwombat?

    "The Web Wombat http://www.webwombat.com.au/ is a spider or web crawler, traversing the web to find and index every word it finds on pages (ie not just the existence of web sites but their content) Web Wombat is one of the leading locally-developed Australian search engines and directories. Information on its site indicates that it has the largest online database of searchable information on Australia, with references to more than 11.5 million documents. It also includes an Australian directory for Law Resources.
    Searches using the Web Wombat such as the "family law" search below do produce very relevant results - in that case, hundreds of relevant documents were found." - Austlii

    Alexa: 20,489 Traffic Rank (23 June 2009)

  4. Email discussion
  5. Proposed Works at the Annandale Shops (cnr Johnston & Booth St) - A Case Study in Local Community Engagement (18 August 2009)

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The public sphere is an area in social life where people can get together and freely discuss and identify societal problems, and through that discussion influence political action. -Public Sphere on Wikipedia

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