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What's On

Annandale Heritage Festival 2016Sketch by Merrick Fry

2016 Annandale Heritage Festival

Under the umbrellas of Australian Heritage Week and the National Trust Heritage Festival, you are invited to celebrate Annandale's Heritage.

Details of 2016 Annandale Heritage Festival Events at

Urban Renewal - new Parramatta Road

Draft strategy for Parramatta Rd released for comment

Check out the Leichhardt Precinct around Norton Street and the Camperdown Precinct around Bridge Road (which is technically Annandale) and the Parramatta Road Corridor


Johnston's Creek Green Zone, Leichhardt Local Environmental Plan 2011 viewed 23 July 2012

Gadigal (Annandale - Leichhardt) Ward of Leichhardt Council

History of Camperdown

In 1806, Governor King granted a parcel of land to William Bligh. The land was in Camperdown, adjoining Johnston's Annandale Estate. Johnston arrested Bligh, on 26 January 1808 and administered the colony until 28 July...more

Ironically, in 2003, the Local Government Areas were redefined and the suburb boundaries have also been altered and the pocket of Camperdown (between Mallett, Booth and Parramatta road) is now part of Annandale.

Rozelle Bay and Annandale Foreshore

Rozelle Bay

Johnston's Creek

Federal Park Wetlands

A Local Environment Plan has been legislated, for the Brownfield Harold Park site, by the State Government and the City of Sydney is preparing a management plan for the parklands adjoining Johnston's Creek and Rozelle Bay more

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